Chariho Spring Sports Meeting Update: 
Now Thursday March 7th @ 7pm in CMS Auditorium

Rescheduled for High School Athletes and Parents only. Middle School Athletes do not need to attend due to tryouts.  

Middle School Baseball and Middle School Softball Tryouts March 5th:

Inside CMS Gym: 
CMS Softball - Tuesday 5-7, Wednesday 3-4:30, Thursday 3-4 
CMS Baseball - Tuesday 3-5, Wednesday 4:30 to 7, Thursday 4 to 6

Ortho Rhode Island (the Official Orthopedic & Physical Therapy Partner of the RIIL) will evaluate any injured high school athlete within 24 hours.
• Call 777-7000 and "Select Ortho RI Express". The athlete will be given an appointment within 24 hours with an orthopedic specialist.

Reminder: All athletes must be in school by 7:45 am or you will not be allowed to practice or play that day.  

If you come in late with a doctors or dentists note, then you will be excused.